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Membership at New City Church is a simple process. Once each quarter, join our pastors and elders to learn about the history of NCC, our mission, ministry philosophy, and member resources.

Individual Membership Class

Group classes are offered quarterly throughout the year but you can still become a member at any time. If you'd rather not wait, click the email icon under Shelly's picture at the end of this page and she will coordinate with you.

Group Membership Class

CONNECT membership class is for one hour on the first Sunday of each quarter of the year. Our meeting times are from 10:00 am - 11:00 am at the PTC  Campus and from 11:00 am to noon at the Fairburn Campus.

Registration is required. We ask everyone to register in advance to ensure we have enough snacks on hand and also to schedule childcare for the meetings.

*Snacks and childcare through 4th grade are provided, if you register your child*

Quarterly Membership Class PTC

  • Location: The Link Room
  • Times: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Click Date to Register: April 7, 2019

Quarterly Membership Class Fairburn

  • Location: Choir Room (2nd floor of Sanctuary)
  • Times: 11:00 am - noon
  • Click Date to Register: April 7, 2019

Monthly Water Baptism

Water baptisms are scheduled on the first Sunday of every month. In water baptism we publicly display what Jesus modeled through his death, burial, and resurrection. It is our outward expression of the inward change that has taken place in our life; our public declaration of how Jesus changed our life and is our pledge to allow our old nature to die.


Monthly Baby Dedication

Baby dedications are scheduled on the first Sunday of every month. Baby dedication at NCC is not infant baptism. Dedication, is a blessing for parents to publicly bring their child before the congregation of God's people to commit themselves to raising their child in accordance with God's will. At the same time, it afford the congregation the opportunity to under-gird new parents with prayer and Biblical support in the ensuing years.

At New City Church, our baby dedication services are very simple and are held during the first Sunday of each month. We have the parents bring the child to the front of the church, then we go to God in prayer, asking his blessings on the child and the parents.

Following the dedication, we give the parents a completed baby dedication certificate.

We believe it is great honor to present God's precious little ones to Him in prayer.

If you have any further questions about baby dedication, water baptism, or are interested in membership during unscheduled CONNECT months, please feel free to reach out to me by clicking the email link under my name.


Shelly Lueke, Lead Pastoral Assistant