Kids Want To Know

If your child wants to be water baptized, ask a few questions.  Water baptism comes after salvation, so start with the basics: Can you tell me who Jesus is?  What did He do for you?  Here’s one way to explain salvation in a way kids can understand:

  • God loves you and He loves me!  He made us and knows everything about us. (Psalm 139)
  • When we mess up and do wrong things, it’s called sin.  We deserve to be punished for those things, but when we follow Jesus, He takes the punishment for us. (Ecclesiastes 7:20)
  • To follow Jesus, you have to admit that you’re a sinner and that you’ve messed up.  You need to tell God you’re sorry and want to change. (Acts 3:19)
  • God loves you so much He sent His son Jesus to Earth.  Jesus took the punishment for the sin of everyone who believes in him by dying on a cross.  But Jesus didn’t stay dead! God brought Jesus back to life.  To follow Jesus, you have to believe Jesus died for you, that God brought Jesus back to life for you, and you have to want to change.  (Romans 10:9-10)
  • Finally, we commit to following Jesus by praying a prayer: God, I know you love me.  I admit I have done wrong things, and I am truly sorry.  I believe in my heart that Jesus, died for me and You brought Him back to life.  I commit to follow You.  Jesus, You are my leader, my friend, and the Lord of my life! Amen.

If your child has already asked Jesus into his life, explain what water baptism is and what it means.  Here are some suggestions and places to point to in their Bible:

  • Now that you’ve committed to follow Jesus, you can let others know by getting water baptized. (Mark 16:16)
  • Water baptism takes place in the water.  It’s a picture of what Jesus did when He took the punishment for your sins.  When you go under the water, it shows people that you believe Jesus died for you.  When you come out of the water, you show others that you believe God brought Jesus back to life. (Romans 6:4)
  • Getting saved and then water baptized doesn’t mean your life will be perfect.  There will be times when you will sin and make wrong choices.  When this happens, pray and ask Jesus to forgive you and help you.  Jesus took the punishment for all our sin.  That means even though you will sin again, you don’t need to be saved or water baptized again. (1 Peter 3:18)
  • You can follow Jesus every day by reading the Bible, doing what Jesus says, and praying. (Psalm 1:2)

Facilitate the conversation, but don’t dominate it.  Kids are naturally curious.  Commit to answer every question, no matter how silly, and let you child ask lots of questions.

Remember, walking with Jesus is not a race. Water baptism is the first step after salvation for everyone, kids included.  But it's possible your child might not be ready.  And that’s OK! It's always better to wait than to pressure children to take a step they don't understand.

As parents, we often want to make things happen for our kids. Our hearts are in the right place.  We want what is best for our kids. But water baptism is about their faith, not ours. What we choose and they do might last for a while, but what they choose and they do will last forever.

If we can help you in any way with your children, we are always here for you.


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