Ways to Connect

Your child will enjoy a Sunday service in NCC Children's Ministry. Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to service. Pastor Sean and Dena and their team of trained volunteers will receive your child with a smile. Our children's ministry zones are: DiscoveryKids6 weeks thru 2-years; guiKids: 3-years thru Kindergarten; GalaxyKids: 1st thru 4th grade. Click HERE or choose KIDS from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

The Link (grades 5-6)

The LINK ministers to our students with energetic activities and engaging curriculum. The Link meets after main service corporate worship. Click HERE or choose THE LINK from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

Passion Students (ages 13-18)

Passion Students is the Middle School and High School ministry for ages 13-18. Pastor Jenny Brashaw and her ministry team are devoted to loving our teens. Click HERE or choose PASSION from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

The Thrive Life (ages 18-35)

Thrive is the Young Adults ministry for ages 18+. The Thrive leadership team connects in various ways with this group. They provide a place to gather, connect with peers, worship, and ultimately "thrive" in Christ. Click HERE or choose THRIVE from the adjacent menu of this page to visit their website.

CityInterns (ages 18+)

CityInterns is a leadership and life-training program for students who are post high school graduates who seek to grow spiritually, develop their leadership skills, and build a foundation for their unique purpose in life. This foundation will be established primarily through Bible courses, hands-on internships, and short-term missions trips. Interns will attend daily classes, as well as work closely with New City Church pastors and staff for ministry. They also serve at special events and conferences. Click HERE or choose CITYINTERNS from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

Impact Ministries (community outreach and missions)

Impact Ministries facilitates all the outreaches of New City Church. Their theme is "Love Reaches," and is literally making an "impact" in our community, across the nation, and globally. Food pantries, school partnerships, outreach to the homeless, and national, as well as international short-term missions trips, are a few of the venues in which this team has touched lives. The Jeffries family, Mark, Beth, and Jordan, lead this team. Click HERE or choose IMPACT from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

Life Groups

Life Groups are at the heart of community life at New City Church. Engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together in one of our groups: Bible Study, Couples, Family, Fellowship, Seniors, Health & Recreation, Young Adults, Men, Women, Outreach, Prayer. Life is lived better when lived with others. Click HERE or choose LIFE GROUPS from the adjacent menu of this page to see a complete list of times and locations.

Men's Ministry

Real Accountability to the Word of God (R.A.W.), is the men's ministry of New City Church. This group is led by Pastor Paul Smith who focuses on creating opportunities for the men of New City Church to become relational, transparent, and authentic on their journey with Christ.  R.A.W. is for real men ready to exchange their problems for real solutions, which only comes from a real relationship with God. Click HERE or choose MEN from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

Women's Ministry

Sisterhood is the Women's Ministry of New City Church. The main goal of Sisterhood is to develop and enhance relationships with God and each other. The women's ministry team, devotes themselves to creating avenues where women can step away from their busy lives to grow in Christ and build godly relationships with other women. Several outreach events, fun outings, weekly Life Groups, and a women’s conference are planned each year to provide multiple opportunities to connect and grow. Click HERE or choose WOMEN from the adjacent menu of this page to view relevant information about our women's ministry or to contact one of our leaders.

Worship & Music Ministry

The desire of our worship team is to inspire God's people to live a life of passionate worship. When worship comes from the depth of your being and is brought forth in Spirit and in truth, it creates a path to God.

“It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship. God is sheer being itself—Spirit. Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration.”  (John 4:23-24, Message). Pastor Felicia Rives and the NCC Worship Ministry Team aim to bring this type of worship forth in all of our services. Click HERE or choose WORSHIP & MUSIC from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more.

City of David Dance Ministry

City of David Dance is the performing arts ministry of New City Church. Jan Tardie is the director of this ministry and teaches her students what God's Word says about dance and worship. Each class incorporates Bible study, worship, and the study of various dance techniques and genres, including ballet and lyrical.

Worship Dance is an expressive part of worship which is meant to be sacred and dedicated for worship. Many genres of dance may be used: lyrical, ballet, jazz, interpretive, hip-hop, modern, Messianic, African, sign language, etc. Varieties of music are utilized from Christian to classical to contemporary. Music is carefully selected and monitored for any displeasing language, ideas, or undertones. Click HERE or choose CITY OF DAVID DANCE from the adjacent menu of this page to learn more about classes and this ministry.