guiKids (gK)

3-Years thru Kindergarten

God's Unique Individual Kids are learning how to
"Make Truth Stick!"


Our guiKids are given the opportunity to learn the truth about God, themselves, and others by learning one virtue/character quality a month. Large and small group relationship-building activities are utilized through craft time, production time, and snack time. We employ a variety of activities in reaching our goal, which is to "Make Truth Stick" to our hearts. We incorporate scripture verses, worship songs, puppets, Bible stories, practical examples, prayer, and craft.

Our volunteers believe that our time spent together should be engaging, high-energy and effective all within a safe, learning environment. Learning about Jesus should be "positively" fun!

Virtue: HONESTY ~ Always telling the truth!

Stickee Verse: An honest answer is like a warm hug. Proverbs 24:26