Paul-Ann's Testimony: I find that being involved in Life Groups are truly life saving and life changing. In 1999, I was invited to a Cell Group even before becoming a member of the church; that was the beginning of many life changing events. Through my experiences in my group, my entire family was transformed. I watched in amazement at how the relationships we formed inspired my family to chase God, to have faith in God, to trust God, and to love His people. "Cell Groups" became Life Groups and the mission has intensified. "Doing life together" has become an essential part of living a healthy life, nourishing the spirit, and strengthening the mind. I don't just "sell" Life Groups, I am also a client. I would love to connect with you, as well as connect you to a Life Group in the area that best suits you.

Laura's Testimony: Life Groups hold a very special place in my heart. I have experienced first hand how important they can be. Just a short year after joining NCC, I was blessed with making many new friends and finding purpose in connecting with others. Connecting with my Life Group gave me the chance to use my gifts and keep my life focused on what God wants me to do. The support and encouragement I have received means so much. We need each other! Feel free to email me by clicking on the email icon next to my picture and I will connect you with a group that best suits your needs.

Have Questions

If you have questions about which Life Group will be best for you, please contact the Life Group Director for the campus of your choice. Click the email icon to the right of their picture to send a message and they will respond accordingly.

If you are interested in hosting a Life Group in your home, click HERE to complete our online form and someone will contact you to discuss specifics.

Categories For Life Groups

Life Group categories are: Bible StudyCouplesFellowshipMenPrayerSingle Mom'sWomenYoung Adults, By Location. To browse the directory for each category, click these links or choose from the adjacent menu.

Why Do Life Together

Life as a Christian is designed to be fun, hopeful, challenging, and at its best when shared. Meeting others and developing relationships with believers that share your faith does not only happen on Sunday mornings.  Beyond the Sunday worship experience, we have Life Groups, which are small groups of people centered around a common theme.

The Heartbeat Of Our Life Groups

Life Groups exist to encourage people to develop true and meaningful relationships with other believers.  The gatherings are small and are designed to allow each person to get to know others of like faith and share in life's victories and challenges. These groups also give support and encouragement to its members.  All Life Groups have the following basic things in common:


We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us.  The Life Group atmosphere is well suited for building close relationships and true friendships. People are given the opportunity to interact and talk openly.  The relationships formed within these groups provide a strong bond that can strengthen the individual, the group, and the local church.

Caring For The Needs Of Others

One of the benefits of Life Groups is they meet in an environment that often fosters pastoral care for all believers.  When you or someone in your Life Group is struggling with finances, emotions, health, relationships, or other life issues, it is often easier for the members of the group to notice and provide help and encouragement quickly.

Focused Prayer

Life Groups can have different focuses but common threads. Some groups may focus on activities, while others on deep, intensive study of God's Word. Each group is encouraged to always include a time of prayer.  In Life Groups, prayer can be specific to the individual needs within the group or the prayer might be focused on a concern within the community, nation, or world.