Tribes - Teen Life Groups

The name Tribes was derived from the meaning of the word.  A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.  Tribes are Passion Student's version of NCC’s Life Groups.

When and Where

Tribes take place twice a month during the Wednesday Passion Student Ministries service at the Peachtree City Campus

How Tribes Work

PSM Tribes are for students ages 13 - 18.  Each Tribe consists of one male and one female “chief” (adult leader) as well as one male and one female “war chief” (student leader).  One of the goals of PSM is to create a healthy, family atmosphere where each person experiences a sense of belonging. Tribes help reach this goal.  During “powwows” (group discussions) each Tribe discusses topics relating to faith, life, and relationships.  A powwow provides a safe opportunity where students may express authentic feelings about everything from struggles to victories, while learning biblical truths.

Tribes also hold team competitions called “Tribe Wars.” Once a quarter the winning Tribe celebrates in a “Rain Dance” party after the service.

If a student brings a guest on a tribe night, the guest will join the friend in his/her Tribe. Tribes have been a great success in PSM!  Tribes have given students a voice, cultivated healthy friendships, provided a support system through strong leaders, reinforced biblical truth, and most importantly helped students grow closer to Christ.