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No one understands the pain of having a child who is making destructive decisions, disengaging from their family, and disrespecting the values they have been taught like another Hurting Mom. This community of moms is designed to be a safe place where moms can come together to share with one another while they work through a process that will bring them freedom and healing from their pain.

When & Where

Our group launches in January 2019 at the Fairburn Campus. Each group runs forĀ a total of 10 weeks. Attendees may re-join once for a total of 20 weeks. If you are a mother that has a wayward child and you would like to participate in this program, click the Sign-Up link below and the group leader will reach out to you.


The only cost for this program is $20.00 to purchase the Hurting Moms Workbook.


Childcare is not provided during these meetings.