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The Lodge at Callaway Conference Center


The costs per person, per room for 2018 RAIN are listed below. You may pay in full or pay a downpayment of $100.00 during the registration process.


STEP 1: Submit Your Initial Registration

Click the following link to submit your initial registration for RAIN 2018. You'll have the option to pay in full or make a $100 downpayment. You can view your giving in the church database at NCC COMMUNITY by logging into your online account and clicking the Giving tab. There you can see how much you have paid towards 2018 RAIN.

After you finish your registration and as soon as you know who your roommates are visit Step 2 below to submit your roommate selection so we can start planning room assignments.

STEP 2: Tell Us Who Your Roommates Are

After you submit your initial registration and you know who your roommates are click the following link to let us know so we can start planning room assignments.

After you submit your roommate names you can revisit this form to change roommate names. Your choices are saved in our database but when you revisit the form your new selection will overwrite the old so be sure to take advantage of this time-saving tool.

Step 3: Make Additional Payments After Registration

You can use the following link to make additional payments towards your 2018 RAIN registration.