RAIN 2019

Our theme for the 2019 RAIN Conference will be announced soon and our venue will be the beautiful and newly renovated Callaway Gardens Lodge.

We all had an incredible weekend of worship, encountering God and building authentic relationships in 2018 and everyone voted to visit again in 2019.

If you haven't taken the survey for RAIN 2018, you can still do so HERE. The survey is your opportunity to give us all your feedback on what you loved and what you would like to see introduced or changed in future conferences.

Start a Lay-Away for RAIN 2019 at Callaway Gardens

If you want to start laying aside some dollars towards next year's RAIN Conference, use this link to save into your RAIN fund.

The prices are going to be very similar to last year. Start in November 2018 and set-up a recurring draft from your checking or credit card account for as little as $16.33 a month for a Quad room or $42.20 a month for a Private room to have the conference paid in full by September 1, 2019. If you start later, just double up on the first payment and the rest will be the same. See you at RAIN 2019.