New City Church

Align to what
Is real

It's all about getting to know who God is, who you are, where you fit in, and what you're here for.

Spiritual growth

Refocus and deepen your relationship with Christ. You'll gain a better understanding of who Christ is, your purpose as a Christian, and how you can strengthen your relationship with Him.

Personal development

Concentrate on developing your character. One of the program's goals is to offer opportunities for you to discover how God created you and what it entails to lead and live a life following Christ's example.

life skills

You'll cover topics such as goal setting, communication, and finances, while also learning brainstorming and planning techniques to tackle emerging issues throughout the year.



Receive personal mentoring dedicated to sharing wisdom and supporting your growth throughout an 8-week program.
Forge personal connections and form genuine relationships with fellow interns.
Engage in learning and developmental activities, such as discussions, training sessions, and events alongside New City Church staff.
Grow under the mentorship of experienced ministry leaders and thrive in a collaborative environment that fosters both spiritual, personal, and professional development.
Join a dynamic, innovative ministry committed to making a lasting impact by guiding individuals to wholeheartedly follow Christ.
Receive the necessary tools and resources to effectively serve and contribute to your team.