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Ways to serve

Team up with us at NCC.
As a church, we are on a mission to radically love, welcome, and support each other. We serve because we believe in the kingdom-building power of our unique giftings and personalities. Your contribution matters.

god impacts people
through people

Every personality has a place 

Unsure where you fit in? Let us help!


Are you known for your energy? Do you desire to lead people to the freedom you found in Jesus? Or do you just have a big heart?Then you will thrive with any Team that has the 'Heart' icon in its description. 


Do you have a a "very particular set of skills"? Do you keep up to date with the newest gadgets? Or do you just love learning new things? Then you will thrive with any Team that has the 'Gear' icon in its description. 


If your idea of a "great Sunday service" is that you had quality conversations, then you will thrive with any Team that has the 'Person' icon in its description. 
You may have all of these qualities, or maybe you don't resonate with a single one. Remember that every Team is full of diverse personalities and people. The big thing is that you belong to a vibrant community that serves to love and loves to serve. 


ministry team

Are you good with kids and passionate about raising the next generation? Kids Ministry is a safe space for children to grow in faith and for parents to be supported.

set up 

Experience Team

Creativity. Organization. Servants hearts, are things we look for in our experience team. Join forces to level up each event.


serve team

Are you experienced in any form of security measures? The Security Team is highly vigilant and responsive to keeping our church safe and protected during our church gatherings.


Ministry team

Are you interested in serving the Atlanta community? This includes our City Bridges food bank, Shiloh mobile home outreach, public school outreach, and evangelism.


Ministry team

Do you want to learn to dance? From kids to adults, City of David Dance is a place for everyone. 


ministry team

From the Link to District Youth, we need people who are passionate about the next generation.

media & Sound 

Experience Team

Are you experienced in lighting, production, sound, or another tech-savvy skill? These Teams run our live services on-site, creating a comfortable atmosphere and worshipping God through innovation.

info Center 

Serve Team 

Do you love helping others? Our info center is our one stop shop to support church-comers navigate the building, register for events, and take their next steps.


Experience Team

Do you love making a first impression? Coffee and conversation are what we are looking for in our hospitality team. 


ministry team

Are you musically gifted in singing or playing an instrument? The Worship Team works together to anchor and lead our church community in praise and worship.

fusion rally 

Serve Team 

The Fusion Team assists new comers to take their next step. Our team organizes rallies, delicious lunches, and helps our newest members feel right at home.


Serve Team

Do you enjoy connecting with people? Our Greeters create a hospitable atmosphere for church-comers to get to know the community and feel welcomed at home.


Ministry team

Do you want to serve the church with your talents and skills? We often cast our congregation in video and live performances.

Don't know what team to join?

A team leader would love to connect with you!
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